Couldn’t I just use Facebook?

Yes, I could.  But then Facebook would know way too much about me. My friends, all their hobbies, their likes, what they had for breakfast…  Way too much information for a company that has admitted that they have no problem sharing all your information with whatever other company wants it.  Instead I choose to use a personal website. Not as social I know. I will not accumulate a list of 500 people I kind of know and once a year I will not get 50 people I have met once in my life wishing me a happy birthday. 

I would like to think that because I have to put the extra effort(not alot, WordPress makes it really easy) of running this site myself that maybe content will be a little more meaningful than letting people know that I am kind of thirsty right now and my left foot is kind of sore.  I am hoping that if I try to produce decent content that maybe I can get some decent responses. 

If Facebook ever senses that the end is near and begins to release all the photos and personal information people thought were private, it’s going to be a pretty crazy time.  

Remember that you can be friends with someone without knowing what they are doing every single moment of every single day. Maybe you will have something to talk about when you actually meet them in real life. 

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