Cloud 8.

Cloud computing. This is something that people have been talking about for some time now. It’s the idea that files and applications need not be stored on your home computer exclusively.  When I save my document at home I can go to work and access that same document because I stored it on “the cloud”.  Some people love the idea because of the portability while others claim that we are giving our security over to some remote server. That debate is not what we are talking about today.  Today I am talking about the fall of Facebook.  Yes I have discussed Facebook in the past but I have never really described the end of Facebook.  Here it is.

Facebook provides something that people love, convenience. They can talk to all their friends, share all their pictures and trade messages in one easy place.  The interface is easy to understand and there is no complex setup.  This is obviously something that no one else has provided on such a large scale before.  Most people believe that no one can truly take over that market now because the user base has become too large. I don’t share this belief. 

There is a company that can easily trump any other in user base, and we all know who it is — Microsoft.  My prediction is that the next operating system from Microsoft will integrate the idea of a cloud completely into the main interface.  You might be able to store things locally but at the click of a button everything will be shared. Anyone else that runs the same operating system will instantly be able to see as much or as little detail about you as you like. 

Let’s all remember that Windows runs on about 90% of all computers.

When the next OS comes out and all the features that Facebook offers are built right into the interface people will recoil at first.  The beauty of it is that at first it will offer to integrate all your Facebook contacts, slowly pulling you in. Then, it will read your wall and post it to your desktop. Then, it will allow you to post on other people’s walls from your desktop. All this will be possible without having to go to the actual “internet” or Facebook homepage.  The most important thing of all is that all the information normally mined by Facebook,   what you like and dislike, your friends and interests will now be available to Microsoft as well.  Ignoring the revenue they could steal from ads, they will slowly crush the need for Facebook at all. As people move to the new OS, all services that were previously provided by Facebook will be available right on your OS desktop. People don’t care who provides the service as long as it is easy. Microsoft could actually offer a free OS that is supported by advertising.  The only options for Facebook will be to sue or try an OS of their own. In a Facebook v. Microsoft battle my money is on Microsoft.

Please type what you think and why.