This just in…kids don’t like school.

So this story on CBC today discusses a group of about a dozen parents in Barrie that want Wi-Fi turned off in their children’s schools.  They claim that the Wi-Fi is making their kids sick. You can read the article for the symptoms they are claiming only occur at school and then go away at night and on the weekends. I am pretty sure most people reading the story probably thought the same thing.  Kids that feel drowsy and sick at school then totally fine on the weekends?  Strange!  It must be the Wi-fi.  Now, I will agree that there is very litte evidence for or against the argument that Wi-fi causes sickness in kids. The problem of course is that Wi-fi is everywhere you go now. It will be in your house from your neighbour’s router, it is in malls, libraries, everywhere!  Oh don’t forget that the cordless phone in your home runs at 2.4 Ghz which is the same as many Wi-Fi routers.  Until I see more evidence I call BS.  Also, I believe I can spot the twelve kids least likely to grow up learning about technology at home.

On a side note I think that should have to show a change log on their stories.  They post at story in the morning and then edit it throughout the day. Sometimes they end up taking out quotations or changing the information contained in the article. I noticed changes to this story from the time I read it this morning and when I read it again this evening.  Then I noticed it had been edited at 6:12pm.  Not sure I like that.  They should maybe get the story straight first and then post it.  It might be hard to post a whole new story each time they acquire new information but they should still post a list of changes/edits.

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