Buy My Stuff… for the children.

Wow, it has been a while. I apologize to both of my readers, the Bing and the Google crawlers.

We have just passed through the holiday season where charities are everywhere.  We see them on the street corners and in the stores asking for money, food , toys etc. These are not the charities we will be discussing today. Instead let us focus on something that at first might seem like a nice thing but in the end it is just another advertisement.  I will not use a specific company here so let’s use a fictional one called Him Torton’s Widget Store. Everyone loves a good widget example.

What you will see or hear is an advertisement stating that Him Torton’s is going to donate 1 dollar for every widget sold in the month of December to Oliver’s Orphanage. At first glance this is great! The orphanage can use all the money it can get.  The issue is the next line in the ad, up to a maximum of $300,000. For every widget you buy they will give the charity a dollar, up to $300,000. Seems pretty clear cut. So the company has set aside that money to give to the charity IF people happen to buy enough widgets.  To me this is the ultimate marketing ploy. Whoever originally thought these things up must have gotten a huge promotion.  From the ad it appears the company is giving the charity $300,000 but if the participation is not high enough, the company gets to save a little money. Most people will not look into the amount that was actually donated.  Of course if at the end the target has not been hit then you can then declare that even though the proper number of widgets sold was not met, you will donate the total $300,000 anyway. So in the end you are actually getting MORE credit if you don’t hit your target.  It is money you had already set aside to donate and now you look twice as charitable because even though all the uncaring people in the world refused to buy enough widgets, your company is still willing to spend the money. Hooray for Him Torton’s!

 I am sure any money that is donated helps the charities tremendously but if you are willing to give a certain amount, just give it.

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