Canadian Election results… What it all means, further discussion.

Currently the federal government subsidizes political parties based on how many votes they get. From what I have read it is about $2.04 per vote. In 2008 the Conservative party proposed a bill that would eliminate this subsidy but they were stopped by the opposition parties.  Now that the Conservatives have a majority I imagine this will be one of the first proposed changes.  There was much discussion about this change in 2008 and it has now begun again.  The main argument against the subsidies is that giving a person’s tax dollars to a party they did not support is undemocratic.  This argument of course makes no sense since when I vote for my party, they get the $2 and when you vote for your party they get their $2. It really is not all that complex.  Some people feel that we should not be paying political parties with public money but I believe this is a good program.  Not everyone is able to set aside money to donate to political parties.  I will not get too specific but if you were a political party that had supporters that were, on average, lower wage earners, you might end up getting fewer contributions than a party that had ,on average, higher wage earners.  Keeping this payment system in place is a good way to ensure that even if one party’s supporters cannot give quite as much as another that all parties are at least getting some form of funding that is proportional to their popularity.