Quebec Votes.

To celebrate labour day people in Quebec will be voting in a provincial election. The election takes place on September 4th. The current government is the Quebec Liberal Party (QLP) lead by Jean Charest.  The other major parties are the Parti Quebequois (PQ) lead by Pauline Marois and Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) lead by Francois Legault. In the most recent polls the PQ have a slight lead with 32% of the vote.  I thought it would be a perfect time to take a look at the things being said by the leader of the PQ just in case there are any readers from Quebec that are not aware of her positions. I will take statements from a speech made in Montreal this week.

“I need a majority mandate to make Quebec a country,”

Yes that’s right.  She will fight to give Quebec its independence. Although most polls show the support for a referendum somewhere down near 28% we need not worry about that because Ms. Marois will fight for it in any case.

“I have chosen to make the mining companies pay.”

She is planning on raising the mining royalty in Quebec from 16% to 30%.  She did not mention that this would make Quebec one of the most expensive places on earth to mine, but I am sure she is aware of that fact. In that statement she is referring to paying for a tuition freeze.  She supports the student protests and has promised to make sure that there is no increase in tuition.

Those two statements alone should make it clear that the PQ is not the party to vote for but then again, I think for most Quebec voters this election is more about NOT voting for the Liberals (who are sitting at 26%).

The CAQ is polling at 28% of the vote which places it in second. Francois Legault used to be a member of the PQ and fought for Quebec independence. He now says that if his party gets the majority that a referendum would be taken off the table for at least 10 years. His platform is based on saying that the PLQ is corrupt and the PQ is under the influence of the unions. He claims that his plan will save 2.5 billion dollars in the first year. This party is less than a year old and so has no political history. This might be to its advantage because no history is better than bad history.

This is obviously not a comprehensive examination of the parties but I felt it necessary to at least point out some of the basic facts. I will not give an official endorsement to a single party but I think the responsible decision here really is between the QLP and the CAQ.


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