Website Updates

Recently, I was reading an article and I found myself thinking Is this person in any way qualified to be writing about this topic? As I was about to click on the author’s bio I realized that my site had no information about me at all.  If I were to read a post on my own site and then looked at the About page, I would find nothing relevant and conclude that maybe I did not know what I was talking about.  I would like to think that all ideas posted stand on their own merit but I realize some background cannot hurt. The About page has therefore been altered to include a bit more detail. There is still not enough there for you to fully stalk me but it is better than before.

A search feature has been added over in the right hand column. After two years it was about time.  Now you can search through the old posts for all the fun stuff that you missed.

I would like to extend an invitation to anyone that wants to post something on  There is no money to be made, only internet glory (a.k.a. e-cred). More content means more people reading which means more discussions.  You should be able to tell by my past posts what is appropriate as far as subject matter. If you are interested, just send me an email or tweet and we can arrange something.  If you would rather just submit a topic for me to work on, I am open to that too.

Finally, I am going to commit here and now to provide more frequent content updates.   At the rate I am currently posting, I do not think it will difficult to follow through.


Please type what you think and why.