Economics, Now in HD

Today launches a new feature. Videos!  Yes, that is correct. I am going to be posting HD videos of me in front of a whiteboard explaining economic topics.  This is all part of the social media upgrade that I have in progress.  Twitter, Google+, YouTube and this site will now all be linked together.  I am sure you are very excited.

The goal of the videos is to present economic topics quickly and clearly so you don’t have to spend an hour watching a lecture if you just want a single concept.

I started with the Prisoner’s Dilemma because it is fairly easy to explain and lends itself well to being demonstrated on my awesome new whiteboard.

As always, I take requests.  If you have a question about economics, send it in.  I will either make a video reply, do a short write up on this site, or both.

Here is the video. Enjoy.

Please type what you think and why.