Countdown to Idiocracy: Pending U.S. Government Shutdown

Unless politicians in the U.S. can come to an agreement before midnight tonight, 800,000 government workers will find themselves locked out of work tomorrow. The original plan was to write a long detailed post about what departments were going to be affected but The Washington Post has compiled all the information you need right here.

The Republicans are insisting that Obamacare be essentially killed in any deal they will accept. Obama has said that he will veto any bill that tries to kill the new healthcare.  So now it is a waiting game.  If everything gets resolved by midnight then everything goes back to its normal broken state. If not, then those 800,000 workers will not be getting paid starting tomorrow.  It is probably worth mentioning that politicians are not among the 800,000, they still get paid. The people that are causing the shutdown will still get paid.  So tomorrow we could have 800,000 unpaid, angry Americans watching on TV as politicians that make $175,000 year talk about how it is a tough situation all around.

800,000 unpaid workers means 800,000 less consumers.  This would have a massive knock-on effect.  It has been mentioned many times on this site but I will mention it again; the U.S. buys 75% of our exports.  If the US economy stalls because of this then Canada’s will not be far behind.

If the shutdown happens then the next big date is October 17th.  This is the day the government will run out of money.  If nothing gets resolved tonight then I will post about the possible consequences of the US defaulting on debt payments.

Please type what you think and why.