Fox News Falls Into Its Own Trap

A quick note at the end of October here.  I will try to have something more about the US elections before that actual event.

A lot of people get confused when they see the working poor or people below the poverty line in the US voting Republican.  It is often said that these people are voting against their own interests. This thought should be expressed more precisely because they are actually voting against their own economic self interest.  Someone that is poor and likely to have their benefits cut under a Republican government might put more priority on their candidate being against abortion, gun control, gay marriage or any other polarizing social issue.  It should also be said that when you are watching outlets like Fox News you begin to believe that lower taxes for the rich and for corporations is the way to grow the economy even though it has never proven to be true.

Fox News. The echo chamber of the Republican party. Many people find this channel hard to watch because of both implicit and explicit bias it has for all things Republican. This channel has been supporting Trump since his nomination. Yes, Megyn Kelly and Trump got into some arguments and no Chris Wallace didn’t hand him the debate on a silver platter but Fox certainly supports him.  How do they do it?  By simply hating Hillary Clinton so much.  They make every attempt to tear her down.  It is not clear if they have yet realized their mistake.

Trump TV.  There have been a number of stories about Trump starting his own TV channel, Network, streaming service after the election whether he wins or loses.  It is likely, even after the latest email “scandal” from the FBI, that Clinton will win.  After this happens Trump will be bitter but still craving attention.  He will launch some form of media service that caters to his angry set of followers. It is not hard to guess which network stands to lose the most viewers when Trump TV hits the air. Fox News. For years Fox has been convincing people to focus on social issues and politics and to ignore the personal financial repercussions. Now it finds itself in a situation where it has spent so much time focusing on destroying Hillary Clinton and propping up Trump that it didn’t realize it was actually working against its own self interest.

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