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Shock and Awe

There is only one way to describe my reaction to the Oliphant report that was released today. A total lack of  surprise.  The Oliphant commission was investigating the dealings Brian Mulroney had with Karlheinz Shreiber shortly after Mulroney’s time as Prime Minister of Canada ended. I will admit that I only read the executive summary of the report but I think this part of the report does a good job of describing the conclusions.

“The conduct exhibited by Mr. Mulroney in accepting cash-stuffed envelopes from Mr. Schreiber on three separate occasions, failing to record the fact of the cash payments, failing to deposit the cash into a bank or other financial institution, and failing to disclose the fact of the cash payments when given the opportunity to do so goes a long way, in my view, to supporting my position that the financial dealings between Mr.  Schreiber and Mr. Mulroney were inappropriate.” 

There you have it. Something that anyone with half a brain could have told you is now officially confirmed.  I guess it is good that this is now on the record and now they can enact new rules to prevent this kind of thing in the future.  It just does seem like something is lacking with this conclusion to the whole situation.  The wording of the statement is telling too.  It could easily have read “accepting cash” or “cash filled envelopes” but instead “cash-stuffed” was used. Definitely makes it sound worse. 

You can read the whole report at the official website. I doubt this is the last we will hear of this.